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SWAP: Ukraine/UK Artist Residence Programme

The British Council Ukraine and the Muzychi Expanded History project / Private residency program in Ukraine is delighted to announce an open call for UK resident.

The Muzychi Expanded History project is a private residency program run by a Ukrainian artist Alevtina Kakhidze. Due to the specificities of the residency location and context, follow topics and theses are appreciated from the resident to develop via residence period:

Gardening&Animals (Cади і звірі)
Systems of Stabilities (Системи сталості)
Migration and Homecoming (Переміщення і повернення)
Future of the UK (Майбутнє Великої Британії)

Also the resident biography and works will also be included in the book to be published ‘Expanded History of Muzychi, a history of the residencies in Muzychi through the years as the residency was initiated (2009).

Open Call: 27 May 2016

Deadline for Applications: 27 June 2016
Selection announced: 4 July 2016
Residencies begin: 1 September 2016.
Session duration: Four weeks

The opportunity is open to all UK residents.
1-    Applicants must be professional artists and/or last year-university students of an arts’ degree.
2-    There are no language requirements but Ukrainian and/or Russian are desirable.
3-    The British Council Ukraine is able to accommodate medical carers, service animals, or other medical needs. Please detail if you have any requirements in your application so we have plenty of time to accommodate your needs.
4-    Only one sleeping place is prepared, why you can have guests only for a short period of time — 1-2 days; if they stay longer we will feel bad that your guest has no proper conditions. We love animals, why you can come with your pets to our residency.

Facilities & Services
Visas: we will cover the costs and support of your application if needed (UK and EU passport holders don’t need a visa to enter Ukraine for up to 90 days).
Housing: The house has two rooms: one room can be for living and the second for work; there is a shower and a toilet, a small kitchen. There is a bike donated to the program by previous resident Stefka Ammon.
Meals: meals are not included as they are covered by the stipend given to each artists (£800).
Computer/internet access: Wi-fi internet is available in all studios/housing, but bring your own laptop. There is a scanner and a printer.
There will be a local host (who speaks English) who will look after you during the 4 weeks. There will also be a British Council Ukraine Programme Manager who will be in touch with you regularly and will visit all artists during their residencies. They will be your main point of contact in case of any problem or emergency.
Insurance: we will cover general medical insurance during your entire stay in Ukraine.
Stipend - Stipend: £800.
International travel, domestic travel from Kyiv to the residence and back, housing, studio space are covered directly by the British Council and the residence programme.
Materials’ stipend will be given to the partner to buy materials for your work.

Application Requirements Please send the following to

before 27 June 2016:
1-    CV: maximum 2 pages (.pdf only), highlighting professional experience and previous exhibitions.
2-    Please insert as well your date of birth and passport number and expiry date.
3-    Artworks: maximum 10 images each with title and date, or links to videos (on Youtube, Vimeo) complied on one .pdf file (3MB size maximum). Please use pdf compression.
4-    Cover letter: 500 words describing your practise and how it fits with residency opportunities and requests. Also please explain your interest in Ukraine and its visual arts.

· By submitting an application, you accept the use (by both the British Council and the host partner in Ukraine) of your application’s statement (or part of it) and/or images in promotional material related to the programme. For images, please include all appropriate photographic credits and make sure all rights are cleared.

· Please ensure that the overall size of your application doesn’t exceed 5MB – if it does, please upload it to a trusted cloud service (google drive, dropbox, onedrive, etc.) and send the shared link in the application letter. Applications on cloud services should not exceed 25MB.

· All applications must be submitted in English and in /pdf files only – rar/zip files will not be accepted.

Note on security
The security situation in the southern parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, in the east of Ukraine, remains tense with ongoing clashes between Ukrainian armed forces and Russian-backed armed separatists, despite a ceasefire. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all travel to Crimea and to the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and British Council staff and/or visitors cannot travel there. However, there are no FCO travel bans in place in relation to any of the locations identified for these residencies. Should this change between now and the summer, we will identify alternative locations. While in Ukraine, our Programme Manager in Visual Arts will be your main point of contact for any issues relating to the programme and to wider security matters. For more information about the situation in Ukraine please visit

Selection Process The British Council and their partners are looking for ground-breaking UK-resident artists interested in immersing themselves into an overseas visual arts’ community to learn, share and collaborate. Artists will be expected to perform a presentation on their stay in Ukraine and produce at least one piece by the end of the residency which the British Council will exhibit in Kyiv at the end of 2016 (as part of an annual exhibition to show the results of this programme).

If you would like to participate in SWAP, please send your application to before 27 June 2016
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